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We offer a wide variety of styles, types and colors. We are able to develop designs that are exclusive and unique to your garment, or recreate, to its exact measure, any sample you provide. Within our variety of buttons, you will find a large selection of colored pigments that include solid, pearlized and transparent styles, from which its endless combinations of effects, structures and mixes can be produced.

We want to serve you well and that is why we are always ready to meet your needs.


Horn buttons possess unique characteristics in appearance and subtle colors that combine with high-end garments. They are an exclusive and elegant product.


Polyester buttons have special mechanical properties for high durability.


Polyester is such a versatile material that can be combined with diverse elements. Among our special products we offer pearlescent buttons for shirts, buttons with coconut fibers and other natural materials, as well as buttons with a range of different finishes.

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