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Because everything starts with a button: a button that becomes a synonym of style, elegance, good taste and design. A button that, beyond being a mere element to ensure a garment, is an piece that enhances its value as it adds that essential touch to boost the grace in every piece of clothing.


The experience stemming from multiple years in this business, our highly qualified personnel, combined with our fast delivery times and best practices and techniques have resulted in the preference of our products in the market.

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It was back in 1955, Mr. José Luis Del Valle Migoya had a grand vision of providing buttons to the entire Guatemalan maquila industry, textile market and homes of our citizens. It was because of his vision that he initiated an operation, bringing to life a Button Factory of which is now called FABRICA DE BOTONES DEL VALLE.

Since then, we profile ourselves as the national leader in button making, pioneers of the Central American export business and as one of the largest supporters of the International Maquila Industry.

Our goal has always been to serve the small, medium and large sized business within the textile industry, while striving to put our mark to promote the development of our National and Central American economy.

Our multiple years of experience combined with our highly qualified employees, along with the best practices and techniques, cutting edge Italian technology, have resulted in a shift and preference of the market toward our products.

It is with pride that we can say that our manufacturing standards are the most competitive in the international and national market, allowing us to be in a position where we can be the distributor of the largest selections of buttons.

Our natural affinity to serve you will take you beyond what you can find in the rest of the market. We take priority in researching and expanding our catalog of products constantly to stay ahead of the ongoing shifting world of fashion.

We want to be able to support you and your business, while offering a compelling business utility as we seek to optimize your cost. providing a product of the highest quality, competitive prices and experience.

We welcome you to the world of buttons here at the FABRICA DE BOTONES DEL VALLE and we invite you to get to know us more!

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